casual games

These are browser games I made for gamerival, grab and jenkat. I did the game design, programming, graphics and animations.

Brain Buster - 2006

This online game will test your brain in four different areas: reaction time, music, gambling and spatial recognition. Will your brain Bust under the pressure?

Gold Miner Vegas - 2006

This is an online and downloadable game. Help Gold Miner grab some gold in 54 levels and a two player mode.

Finders Keepers - 2008

Online, downloadable and ios claw-grab game - Help Floyd and Goldie get back their lucky coin by fishing through over 300 exciting levels.

Scrambled Eggs - 2007

Online number puzzle game - Clear the eggs by matching the number or color.

Goldie the Gold Miner - 2008

Online claw-grab game - Now it's Goldie's turn to snatch some treasure in 100 golden levels.

Love Letters - 2008

This is an online word puzzle game. Create the words from the word list using the Valentine candies.

Finders Keepers Christmas - 2011

This is an online and downloadable claw-grab game. Floyd and Goldie are going to help Santa collect and feed Christmas cookies to the children.

Quilting Time - 2008

This is an online and downloadable shape puzzle game. Help Grandma Giddywinks make a nine block quilt.

Tri-Peaks Solitaire - 2011

This is an online card game. Try to clear all the cards, get the climber to the top of the mountain and unlock all twelve medals.

Tower Blaster - 2003

This is an online and downloadable number puzzle game. Build a tower by placing the blocks in numerical progression.


These are games I made for my own website

Kick Head - 2004

Action Fighting Game - The Ninjas have shamed your master. It's time to kick head! Defeat the ninja hordes in six exciting levels and restore honor to your dojo.

Speedy Thief Dash - 2014

Speedy Thief must dash through the rooms as fast as he can, picking up treasure along the way. He has a limited amount of time, so he has to move quickly.

CartoonDan Books - 2012

These books were all writen and illustrated by Dan and Gannon Glover. They are family friendly but may contain some comic mischief, peril, and SPLAT!.

Snow Angels - 2012

Action Game - It's a snowball fight! Defeat all the enemies before you loose all your hearts. Thirty levels, super power upgrades and Santa!

Gold Pit - 2010

Action Game - Repel down the pit grabbing gold and other treasure. Use your trusty pick to bust some rocks and smash some baddies.

Tortoise Tumble - 2010

Puzzle Game - Flip all the tortoises right side up before time runs out.

Diving Birds - 2011

Action Game - Try to fly as far as you can before you stop on the ground.

Frog Mania - 2010

Puzzle Game - Lick your froggy friends and eat dragonflies. String as many frogs together as you can to score a combo bonus.

Stock Market Crash 2 - 2013

Buy and sell stocks in this fun stock market game to make a ton of digital money.

Sneaky Thief Typing - 2009

Typing Game - Learn to type as fast as a ninja! Defeat the Demon Thief and steal his treasure!