Personal information about Dan Glover.

Hello, my name is Dan Glover.

I survived high school by drawing. My school's curriculum was not very interesting to me. I got bored in class and spent most of the time sketching. I became good at filtering out the teachers main points and writing them down next to my drawings. When it was time for a test I would redraw my notes into an illustration book. The act of drawing was my method of studying. Any subject can be made more exciting with a bit of art.

After high school I took classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College until I got married. My wife and I both transferred to Biola University where I graduated with a BS in Art with an emphasis in Illustration.

When I graduated I got a job in the art department at Virtual Education. While I was there I learned to do some minor programming in Flash Action Script. I took that knowledge and started making online games and my own game site cartoondan.com. I learned a lot by making games, and at work I became the link between the programming team and the art team and lead several big projects. The company kept changing names and eventually our office was closed.

After that I went to work for Help Me 2 Learn. This was an exciting opportunity. Help Me 2 Learn puts a strong emphasis on making kid's education fun. My creativity is allowed to flourish and I take great pleasure in making academics exciting through art and games.

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