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We have removed all Google Ads from We were recieving too many inapropriate or misleading ads. After ajusting the Google Ad settings over several months, it was decided to remove the ads and replace them with our own ads. This way we have control over what is being seen on our own website.

Stock Market Crash 2

Stock Market Crash 2 Update 1.4


Free Play mode was added. Play without time limits or ending goals. Now you can see your trading stats at the end of a game and see how you can inprove your trading. There were also some minor bug fixes.

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Stock Market Crash 2

New Game, Stock Market Crash 2


Stock Market Crash 2 is the sequal to the smash hit Stock market Crash! Buy and sell stocks in this fun stock market game to make a ton of digital money.

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Speedy Thief Dash

New Game, Speedy Thief Dash


Speedy Thief Dash is the sequal to the smash hit Speedy Thief! Race against time and see how many of the 100 rooms you can get through.

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Fox Book

Audio Added to Fox Book


There is now full audio narration for the Fox book. This story is all about a fox that loves to have fun and play non stop.

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Snow Angels Game

Snow Angels Update 1.3


70 new level layouts, unneeded coins turn to points, Pacifist Mode, and Bug fixes.

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Snow Angels Game

New Game, Snow Angels


Snow Angels is live and ready to play. Snow Angels is a snowball fighting game. It has 27 levels to play through and over 300 different level layouts. The game features upgrades you can unlock, and a charming story with eight cut scenes and eight songs.

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Fox Book

New Story Book, Fox


A new children's book is now up called Fox. This story is all about a fox that loves to have fun and play non stop. Will this guy ever run out of energy? His mother sure hopes so.

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Potato Drive

New Story Book, The Potato Drive


A new children's book is now up called The Potato Drive. It was written by my six year old son Gannon. It is an odd little story that expresses his love for clocks, cars and things that go boom. It also touches on his frustration with eating. Meal time can be really tough for a lot of kids.

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Audio Added to Tuppy Book


There is now full audio narration for the tuppy book. It is a book about my pet African Spurred Tortoise. Come take a tour of his home and learn a little about tortoises.

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Diving Birds

New Items Added to Diving Birds


Thirteen new items were added to Diving Birds. Now you can bounce off sheep, ducks, parrots, cute chicks and more!

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Diving Birds

New Game, Diving Birds


Diving birds is now ready to play. It is a flying game where you try to help a little birdy fly for the first time. Hold down the left mouse button to make the bird dive and bounce off all kinds of crazy objects. There are sixteen achievements to unlock and lots of exciting areas to discover.

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Dan Glover



I have just added my portfolio to CartoonDan. It shows the programs I have worked on for the past thirteen years. If you want to see what other projects I have done besides, check it out.

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Birthday Wish

New Book, The Birthday Wish


Danny was having fun pretending to be sad. He had a secret plan. It was his birthday but he hadn't asked for any presents or even a birthday party. He wanted something even better...

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New Book, Cow


CartoonDan now has a book section with interactive story books. You can turn the pages by clicking on them or click the read button to have the story read to you with dramatic narration. We are planning on adding lots of new books soon. Have fun reading!

Cow is the story of a little cow who gets into some trouble. It was written by my six year old son and illustrated by me Dan Glover.

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Kick Head

Kick Head 2.2


A new version of Kick Head is up. There is a new level one where you compete in a kick head clan tournament to see who is the best kicker in the dojo.

The game now has a store where you can buy power ups and new moves. The coins you earn while playing are permanently saved, so you can save up your coins after multiple play throughs. The new moves you earn are also permanent so you can always use them once you earn them.

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