Buy and sell stocks to make a ton of money!


If the stock reaches the bottom, it may crash and all those stocks will be lost.


If the stock reaches the top of the screen, it will split and your stocks will be doubled.


Click on the bear to stop him from throwing bombs at the stocks. The Bear can also be used to get rid of underperforming stocks. When the bear comes out, click on one of the stock bars and he might target that stock. Some of the tough stocks like it when the bear blows stuff up.


The Bull is a sign of rising prices. The Bull will give a kiss to a stock and help it out. A few stocks, like missiles, have a bad reaction to the Bull's love and may crash. You can click the Bull to make him run away.


Click on the IRS man to keep him from charging you taxes. If the IRS Man reaches your money he will take some of your cash and split.


Look out for indicators to how a stock will behave.

Weather: Some stocks like "ice cream" do better in warm weather than in cold weather. Other stocks like "skis" do better in cold weather than hot weather.

Troubled Times: War time stocks like "bullets" and "spam" do better when there are lots of explotions and thunder.

Stability: Stocks like "rocks" and "soup" are very stable. Their prices tend to change slowly. Other stocks like "bikinis" and "missiles" are unstable. Their prices usually jumps up and down very quickly.

Game Modes

Quick Money: In this mode you have five minutes to make as much money as you can.

Race to a Million: See how quickly you can turn $1,000 into $1,000,000. In this mode the prices of the stucks will increase dramaticly depending on how much money you have in your bank.

Free Play: Play for as long as you want and retire in style.